Home Electrical Survey

1)  Remove panel cover and tighten all terminations possible.

2) Test all breakers for correct operation and seating.  Teach homeowner proper way to reset breaker and GFI ARC breakers.

3)  Take an amperage reading while panel is open.

4)  Check grounding system and explain its purpose.

5)  Subpanel, check that all is fine, tighten terminations and be sure neutrals and grounds are not bonded.

6)  Check all GFCI receptacles and explain their operation and workings.

7)  Program thermostats or advise on a programmable for homeowners’ system.

8)  Check smoke alarms and replace batteries.  We can keep record of battery change and send a yearly reminder, good way to stay in touch.

9). Check and run your automatic generator and advise on one if needed.

10)  Explain generator options both automatic and portable.

11)  Check a/c disconnect for rust, corrosion, and loose terminations.

12)  Inspect the meter-socket for rust and corrosion.

13)  Ensure the bathroom vents are properly vented to eliminate mold.

14)  Check for code violations and safety hazards.

15)  Check pool for correct bonding and how water is bonded.

16)  Check Hot Tub for correct breaker and correct disconnect.


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