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Whether you are building or renovating, our expert techs can be counted on to meet all your electrical installation needs. From ceiling fans to generator installations, we provide all the skill, experience, and knowledge needed to ensure your installation is perfect and optimized for long-lasting performance.

Looking to update and improve the lighting in your home?  With so many choices it can be overwhelming.  Let our experts help.  We specialize in lighting colors and installations; our team can assist you in designing the lighting solutions you need to perfect the look and function of your home!

Our residential electrical installation services include but are not limited to:


When something goes askew with your home’s electrical systems or appliances, you need the assurance that you have access to top-class electricians that can provide fast, effective repair solutions. Troubleshooting is the key component to fast precise resolutions.  Our team takes your electrical needs seriously, and no issue is too small or too large!  Any time you need repair services, as complex as a rewiring job, or as simple as replacing a dimmer switch, you can rest assured PEACHTREE ELECTRICAL will be there for you.  

Count on our experts to provide electrical repair for:

Choose Peachtree Electrical for your electrical upgrades if:

  • Your electrical panel is too old
  • You experience frequent breaker trips
  • You are planning a home renovation or addition project
  • You finally decided it is time for some backup power
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