Surge Protection

What are some major causes of surges in the Myrtle Beach area?

  1. Utility companies make several disconnects and reconnects on a regular basis due to the rapidly growing housing market. When power is reconnected, it can cause a large spike in your electrical system.
  2. Lightning storms are a large contributor of electrical surges. Lightning strikes cause high surges and lightning creates an enormous amount of static electricity in its surroundings.
  3. Home appliances can be a major source of surge spikes. When turning on clothes dryers, a/c units, heat pumps, pool pumps, electric ranges, etc., surges are inevitable.

Surge protection devices are easy to install and have a high integrity of protecting you, your home, and your expensive electronics.

Whole House Surge Protection

If you do not have WHOLE HOUSE SURGE PROTECTION, here are some tips for preventing lightning storm damage to your South Carolina home:

  • If you have WELL WATER – In the event of severe storm warnings, switch power off to your well pump for temporary inconvenience, but long-term peace of mind.
  • If you have ELECTRONICS in your home, make sure they are plugged into surge protector plug strips. The best way to protect all your equipment, including HVAC systems and refrigerators, is to install WHOLE HOUSE SURGE protection for the entire home.
  • If you need to buy or replace your point-of-use surge protectors, look for the UL label or similar independent testing laboratory seal. If it is under $50, it may not offer the protection you need.  The higher the JOULES the better.
  • Consider investing in a WHOLE HOUSE DEVICE for ease and peace of mind.  Prices range from $300 installed to $600 depending on your existing electrical equipment and the level of protection you require.

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